i want you to scream for me





saturday, june 16, 2012

when i got home, i got on the computer for a bit and waited for abby, josh, and leia to come over. when they finally got there i had a crunchy peanut butter fold over while they ate it straight and wow i know i had a good time.

they all had to leave around 4, i think, at which point i go to my room and just stare at everything. i wish someone had been online, but i know most everything i would have said would have been nonsense haha.

i just chilled by myself until 6:10, when i abruptly sat up and said to myself “oh, it’s over”, and then i felt totally normal again.

the best way to sum up the experience is with this quote “wait. wait. wait, what? what? why? why is that? wait, what?”

then dariel and charlie came over so we can go to firewheel and find the something for dariel to frame his prints with, going to hobby lobby michael’s, and a few other places before we happen upon abby at half price books (WOW! what an awesome coincidence) and then we went to chipotle (holy fuck that was good)

after all that, we head back to my house, and plan on chilling until my dad needed a ride to the gas station. so we take him, and when we get back abby drops her phone in the gutter and we have to ghetto-rig a ladder down there so she could climb through the manhole and get it. adventures!

ABBY GAVE ME THESE AWESOME FUCKING SHOES OMFG!! and we hung out for a while before she had to leave and we went to the practice space, where richard and devon were already chilling. it was nice seeing richard again after all this time, and we went and got braum’s :D and mcdonald’s haha

when we got back they found my nausicaa mangas and finally, after like 2 and a half years, i have all 7 again :’D god i’m so happy about that. then charlie and dariel took me home, and now i’m here and now it’s time to go to bed :’D


friday, june 15, 2012

oh man, here we go. i ran around with abby and josh all day, getting shroomies and things for later. when they dropped me off, i took a nap until it was time to go to alana’s birthday party.

her birthday party was super fun and everyone there was amazing. i’m so in love with everyone i know and it was great to hang out with all the people there :)

unfortunately abby couldn’t pick me up in time so i had to get dean to take me home wahhh >.< (this was around 2am saturday)


thursday, june 14, 2012

got home from kelty’s and undid my cornrows (MAN is it nice to be able to scratch the side of your head!) and washed my hair

i got on the computer for a bit and then walked over to alana’s to hang out with her and mckenna. we talked for a bit and then watched youtube on her tv :’D i walked back home around 8 and then took a shower

after i got out, i went and got on the computer and chatted with alana and hannah until motherfucking 5 in the morning oh my godddd

today is friday, and i said i was going to quynh’s party, but i feel SUPER DUPER FUCKING BAD because i may not be able to get a ride over there. i really wanted to see her and wish her good luck before she went :’(


wednesday, june 03, 2012

hmm, as far as i can remember, i didn’t really do much this day hahaha

i remember i went over to kelty’s at night and i slept over there; first time i’ve slept over at someone’s house in a while :’D

i had a lot of fun at her house and i hope we get to do it again soon :)


tuesday, june 12, 2012 

now this was a really slow day haha.

i woke up super late and just got on the computer for a while before passing out again haha. i slept for a long ass time, and then we went to souper!salad! which was omfg so amazing and i want to take every person i know there. i wish i was there right now :’(

thenn i got home and got back on the computer, videochatting with alana and mckenna before abby came over :’D an overall awesome night!


monday, june 11, 2012 

a pretty slow day actually, most of it i was just sitting outside, playing harvest moon haha

then i chilled on my computer, videochatting for the first time with charlie and taylor as she dyed her hair. omfg it was super cool and i feel like i live in the future now :’D

then it was time to hang out with kelty, which was super amazing and fun. her apartment is fantastic and so is her bong, and we watched an amazing movie and she gave me a box of strawberries and nutella :’D oh man yeah it was great.

when i got home i played harvest moon before going to bed :’D


sunday, june 10, 2012

sorry i’m like spamming these, but i remembered what happened on sunday :)

sunday i was awoken at like 10:30 (OMFG i’ve been sleeping so late OMFG) by mat calling me, saying he was basically almost at my house. so i put clothes on and we chilled for a bit, him basically watch me play katamari until alana showed up. i kept playing katamari and i made a moon that was like 768 meters big :’D

then mckenna showed up and we started playing pokemon stadium for n64, just the minigames. i made popcorn and we were all together for a long time; mat left around 6 pm haha. then ken left and alana only left by surprise a little after that D’:

after that was computer time awww yeah, oh and that’s the day that i got re-addicted to harvest moon


saturday, june 9, 2012

today i went to hmart~

we ate, shopped around, and went to mozart. i stayed there and painted while everyone else went to karaoke~

hannah’s mom dropped me off at alana’s and we watched music videos on her huge, amazing, hd tv omfg

on the way home though, my tire was already pretty flat, but then i tried to change my gear and the line snapped noooo goddamnit i hate that that happened oh my god. so now i need to replace that, and fill up my tire.


wednesday, june 6, 2012

hmmm yesterday it was raining, so instead of setting pulp out to dry abby and i just ripped more paper.

after a bit of that we drove to josh’s in rowlett and smoked a blunt in the car, by the river. it was awesome; we saw a white and a grey heron, and a cluster of ducks. the rain sounded soothing on the car and the blunt was really nice too.

when we finished, we went and got ice cream at braums, and i got a mo’fuckin’ triple scoop :’D all 3 a different one of their seven new flavors. then we went to half price and dicked around a bit, and after that we went to petco so i could get a snake hook and some mice.

then we drove all the way back to rowlett, dropped josh off - we forgot to refill my zippo though :’( - and then headed home. abby dropped me off at my house and i just derped around on the comp until it was time to sleep :)


tuesday, june 5, 2012

super productive day :)

i cleaned my room a bit and then got together with abby to make paper. i met this guy at the con over the weekend and he rode the dart from plano to come hang out too! he was a little derpy but an overall fun guy

we didn’t have a lot of what we needed so we ran all around town getting it, which was fun, and most of the day after that was just spent tearing up and blending the paper

i’ve been sleeping so much lately, i can’t wait for my sleep debt to even out and everything to be good and normal :)


monday, june 4, 2012

wow, yesterday was great! i woke up around nooon after sleeping for 11 hours :’D

i chilled on the computer until some friends showed up with two puppies! i played with them for a while, and we even put them in the pool!

after they left we went to blake’s and chilled there for until 5, when i came home and tried to watch gurren lagann with andre and zach but got cockblocked in every way imaginable, so we came home and watched princess mononoke yayyy. one day we’ll get to watch nausicaa and also gurren lagann :’D

it was about 12 when they left and i dicked around on the computer until 2 when i passed the fuck out :’D


i had a great fucking weekend

i was drunk for, conservatively, 48 hours, i bought some awesome space buttons from the lovely kyandi, got lots of pictures taken of me as raichu, with my buddies minun an plusle (mckenna and alana), went to the rave for the first time in 7 or 8 years, had my own hotel room with the awesome and amazing taylor, charlie and jorsh, and i didn’t have to personally deal with anyone’s retarded bullshit

but all i can think about is how socially retarded i am when it comes to talking to people. i want to become someone whose words are valued because they don’t talk very much, because i don’t feel like anything i say is very interesting or has much worth because i am constantly vomiting syllables. plus i have probably the worst, most annoying voice on this whole planet (i’m so happy whenever i lose it, like right now) it disgusts me

anyway, a-kon was fucking awesome and i just woke up from sleeping for 11 hours so now it’s time to start the summer and get my life in order WEEEEEEEEE :D